someone slap this bitch for me

are you fucking serious? this girl is so fucking conceited. i fucking hate people like this omg

kellin quinn

thank you for making this thin girl more anorexic! :D

Okay, if I ever saw this girl walking or w.e u best believe her ass would be knocked out in a heart beat

oh lord if i could get my hands on her this “thick” girl would kill her 

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Posted on Saturday, 21 April
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    lmfaoooo how can one person be such a an ignorant asshole ahahahahha
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    Wtf is this yo. A lot of dudes like bigger woman. The more the cushion the more the pushin’
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    What the actual fuck….this is a shitty ass person to make this video….and shes just hurting people, let people be happy...
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    This girl need to be educated, I can’t with her.
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    This little ignorant fuck needs her mouth fuckin smacked
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    She’s so ignorant it hurts
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    How exactly does she have a point? This is possibly one of the dumbest videos I’ve ever seen.
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    I think she won the biggest ignorant bitch award for the year.
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    This honestly made me really upset.
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    "Tell her to mind her damn business before I go over there, and I beat her ass."
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    I’m still trying to figure out what this bitch’s purpose is… Is there one??? Like, I don’t like know like.
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    The fucking ignorance coming from this video…. ._.
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