someone slap this bitch for me

are you fucking serious? this girl is so fucking conceited. i fucking hate people like this omg

kellin quinn

thank you for making this thin girl more anorexic! :D

Okay, if I ever saw this girl walking or w.e u best believe her ass would be knocked out in a heart beat

oh lord if i could get my hands on her this “thick” girl would kill her 

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Posted on Saturday, 21 April
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    Are you kidding me.
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    like come to terms with yourself like i am thick and you are fat like i have curves and like you are just like fat like
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    You don’t have cruves😂😂 stop lying to yourself! You look like a piece of wood all flat on the side 🙅😂😂😂😂 your annoying ,...
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    didn’t hear a word she said, all i could think was “boobs”
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    Wow what a bitch…ok whatever no one listen to her because obviously she’s ignorant.
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    oh yeah, sure. that skinny-ass twig bitch has “curves”. NO. This is the rudest thing I have ever seen in my life. Like,...
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